Blogtober ~ Autumn Winter Routine

Writing this one on my phone whilst eating Pringles with my pooch waiting for a hay delivery so apologies for any iPhone typos.

My routine with the boys doesn’t really change a great deal through the seasons. Aladdin’s livery yard means he comes to bed every night regardless of the weather so that other horses can go out in the big field over night. The only thing that may change now is that I may try get him exercised more in the mornings as with the nights drawing in we are limited to the two indoor schools (super lucky to have these). The yard is super busy at the moment and has clinics on most days meaning at least one of the indoor schools will be occupied, meaning all of us liveries will be racing around in one arena all together which could be just as dangerous at the showjumping warm up. So my thinking was to at least on my one lunge day a week get that done in the mornings or just chase him round in circles in the dark getting soggy like we did last year.

As mentioned on most previous posts I’m hoping to keep Apollo living out as his coat is coming through so thick already. So the only thing different to his morning routine will be the smashing of ice in the water buckets and extra hay going in his little wooden box.

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