No Hands

So one of my silly goals I had set myself for the year was a no handed canter. It may sound ridiculous and easy peasy but cantering on Aladdin used to scare the heck out of me so it felt like a worthy goal..

We decided to go for it and drop the reins with our favourite yard partners in crime, Riley, Tinkerbell and Little Jockey too.  When Adele is out helping Riley, my brave pants are always on as I know she will always laugh at my misfortune or stylish falls with no judging involved. She’s determined to get a You’ve Been Framed worthy video out of me.
Aladdin super enjoyed himself as  a cowboy pony, we went round One handed and had a couple of bursts of ‘heads, shoulders knees and toes’. He actually felt balanced and kept stretching out. Now this made me wonder why he doesn’t normally stretch out in canter like this, I don’t hang on to him and he seems happy and forward in our new borrowed bit so I will have to keep racking my brains on that one.  There was only one head between the legs moment where I for a split second regretted my decisions. The reins shall definitely be getting dropped more often as it wasn’t just fun but it helped my confidence.

When we were done with the ‘serious’ business Riley wanted have an around the world race. The first go was too close to call so we had a rematch which resulted in me eating sand.
We finished off by pony swapping before walking off. Tinks wondered why she had a heavy lump on her and Aladdin well he was just loving life with little Riley.

Now for the no stirrup canter (Gulp)


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