Summer League Dressage

After convincing myself our last dressage score and placing was a complete fluke I didn’t particularly have high hopes for our next test.

As per usual I was in a complete fanny flap of a rush and Aladdin had smeared himself in poop (he must do this on purpose knowing I am forever in a raving rush). Our fantastic Summer League partners helped us scrub the poo piles from Aladdins legs, as having a mini bath now would be pointless.
Then whilst tacking up I suddenly realised that during our jump lesson we changed our bit and it resulted in me squealing numerous times about not being able to stop..

In the warm up Sir Aladdin was rather keen to canter so I was torn between letting him ‘go’ and getting it out of system or staying in ‘Intro’ Dressage mode. We decided to stay in Intro mode despite a few tranter out bursts before entering the ring.

I tried focusing on keeping a steadyish rhythm as generally once the test starts my brain turns to soup and all I can think of is pushing on and getting it over and done with.
Throughout the test we maintained a nice contact and didn’t have any giraffe moments or tranter episodes (MEGA BONUS).

Much to my suprise (and delight) our test sheet was fairly positive and we pulled a 2nd out of the bag, and yes there were more than two in the class!! Our usual comments popped up such as needing more bend which we know and are forever working on.


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