Flat work Lesson

The featured image does have relevance, trust me!

Schooling over Christmas has been rather poor on my behalf and I have no doubt bored the brains out of poor Aladdin in the small indoor so thought we would benefit from a flat work lesson before we started our jumping lessons again next week. Lots of people had recommended Trudy the yard owner as an instructor so I was rather eager for our last minute session!

Trudy asked us to warm up in walk and trot as we usually would so she could see what wanted work as I had suggested we would benefit a lesson on maintaining his forward trot into turns etc. Of course we did not warm up as usual due to the fact I turn into a sack of potatoes when I know I’m getting watched.

My spud sack riding reflected on Aladdin who thought the lesson was all about perfecting his giraffe impression and avoiding my exhausted leg.

Whilst trotting and nervously giggling/chatting around Trudy, she picked up on our cardboard corners and laid out a square grid on the floor for us. This was definitely easier said than done as the grid was laid out in the width as opposed to the length of the school which made cutting the corners very tempting. Eventually we got it but my bum and legs were on Fiyahhh! Aladdin learnt the exercise in lightening speed and would have happily kept on the same rein bending nicely looking for the next ‘tunnel’ so only got grumpy when we changed and went large.

Looking forward to doing this exercise with him more often- but note to self shall definitely not attempt it after climbing mountains in the Lake District two days prior as my legs were no use nor ornament.

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