OH Appreciation Post

This post just had to be done, purely to show the cute sunset photos and to mention the standing trot..

My other half Ryan hasn’t really been round horses much but has taken to Aladdin amazingly! I think he even secretly loves Sir Aladdin.

The first time Ryan met Aladdin at the old yard we all walked down to my Aunts sand school down the road. I was only ever allowed to walk down to the school with Ryan being there as it was on a busy main road where there has been a few serious accidents involving horses. So after much nagging Ryan rode down on his motorbike to see the steed i had been blabbing on about.
Once myself and Aladdin had ridden around for a sufficient amount of time I thought it would be a great idea to get Ryan on board. I kept Aladdin out on the lunge and had them both walking around. Ry seemed calm and confident so I asked Aladdin to ‘Trot on’. After a few seconds of side-wards bouncing Ryan was sat nice and quietly in trot. I was rather impressed with his sitting trot and said to him that I was really impressed with his quiet seat after he hadn’t been on a horse for so long. To which he told me he had never actually been on a horse before!!! For some reason I presumed he had lessons when he was younger. So the poor bugger sat quietly and just trotted it out.

As Ryan visited Aladdin throughout the months he would get on after I had ridden but we never quite got him to master rising trot.
They have a cute boyish bond and Ryan loves in hand walking around talking to Aladdin like one of the Mountain Men cast with his ‘easy boysss’ and ‘whoaaa’ commands.

Now at the new yard with all-weather facilities I was super determined to get Ry doing his sitting trot. Aladdin is a total angelic donkey when Ryan hops on board, whether its the extra weight or the fact he knows he wont have to do a great deal of work.
The other day whilst Ryan was riding and I was stood talking to Kayleigh he rode past us both and stopped with a grin on his face to tell us he thinks he has mastered this ‘standing trot’ business. Brownie points for trying but it did tickle us.

However the weekend gone, he did actually master this ‘sitting trot’ business!
Foxie was on the sidelines watching whilst Ry in his full chainsaw gear popped up and down 1,2,1,2,1… BINGO!

They are a super pair of cheeky chaps and I am rather grateful for Ryans support with Aladdin.

Mushy post over and out. 23316299_10155864073056419_6052101832779291122_n23316427_10155864073136419_3367542482247959373_n23316685_10155864072881419_7932413116193872912_n23318973_10155864073101419_1690960912392297744_n23319227_10155864072961419_823444644050987309_n23380022_10155864072946419_2153973095083574123_n23434736_10155864072906419_7163304417872178017_n23434921_10155864073156419_3870513573293537605_n23471903_10155864073006419_8375500427363097327_n23472187_10155864072991419_1387909528870020665_n23472304_10155864072786419_2431508277128630230_n23472809_10155864073111419_7836393455015233137_n

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