Lock Down Blogs – Isolation Hairdresser

Excuse the shameless selfies in this post, its just I have been playing at isolation hairdresser… from blonde, to pink, to blonde, to ginger to red all whilst on lockdown… My poor poor straw hair.

I’m just going to jump straight into my positive photos as despite the fact I can can talk the back legs off a donkey or is it the ass of a donkey (somebody correct me)… There’s not really too much extra to document other than the below photos.

Woodland walks– We did have a couple of chillier days but we have also had some complete scorchers meaning little Elmo now gets subjected to a midpoint stream dunk. Its a guaranteed fact that he gets the zoomies after his paddle and it always makes us laugh.
Hair to match my chestnut mare– As stated above I have been getting a tad hair dye happy and even snipped my bangs over the toilet!! I definitely prefer it blonde but hey, at least I can say I have now been most of the colours that can be purchased on Ebay haha!
Friends & Family– Of course! I cannot say how much it has meant to keep in touch with everybody at the minute. There’s even been door stop drop off’s and presents through the post. Katy made me a flipping delicious easter egg cheesecake… I had a slight snaccident and ate it all for breakfast on the same day. My friend Neil sent me a mug with Stitch playing the guitar since I am now a professional guitar player after my four hours of lessons… I will be Dolly Parton by the end of lockdown (minus the vocals and boobs but still).
Jason, my Step Dad purchased a vinyl cutter to use at work so whilst he spent the evening sussing it out I spent the evening nagging for a Porsche sticker to go on my Fiesta van.
The Horses– Now most of Princesses winter coat has gone I have had more time to simply sit with them both in the field. Apollo stood over me for an hour the other day whilst I relaxed under the fence line in the sun, what a loyal baby. Daily hacks on the gorgeous greys in my bareback pad are also still very much a thing. Katy loves oiling them both up so they shine and the keep the insects off. Well last week as I went to hop on I put my hand on Gems withers with their being no saddle etc to grab. And well my arm slipped forward down her neck and off I went into my best starfish impression with one leg still hooked over her back. Its safe to say it gave Katy a good laugh the whole way round the ride.





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