Lockdown Blogs- Day (Does It Really Matter)

Wow… Well haven’t I done a flipping marvellous job of updating this blog daily… To be fair at the moment I am writing these knowing my Gran reads them and I enjoy her Whatsapps once she has read them… Hi Grandma…

I am not actually sure how many days it has been but I have made sure none of the photos are duplicates even if every day at the moment does seem like a duplicate.
So despite feeling deflated and having a few meltdown moments I still do have sooo much to be grateful for at present.

Seeing how many people are unable to see their horses almost makes me feel guilty for being able to see mine as I know how much they are helping me in the current situation.

During the past week it has been both my Grandad & my Dads birthdays and all I can say is thank heck for Facetime. I mean as a family we definitely need to brush up on our Happy Birthday singing skills but what a privilege to get to see them all albeit on a phone screen.

Sooo for my positive blog photos…
Woodland Walks– Suprise suprise bet you weren’t expecting me to mention that once again.
Crumbly cottage– Moving house at the beginning of a lockdown wasn’t the easiest and I have chosen to be back home with my Mum, Step Dad & Sister but I do pop back to my little home when I go to the horses as I do not see anybody other than my neighbours over the fence meaning I have had the time to sort out and organise some of my belongings. It did however make me realise I have waayyyyy too many things and a slight addiction to caps it seems. The upright western clock finally got put together too and looks cute in my western themed living room.
To hide the amount of Whiskey I may or may not have consumed I decided to turn the bottles into twinkly lights rather than let the binmen shake their heads at me.
Music & Guitars– The first thing I do when I wake up is put the radio on and I have got to give it to the presenters as they’re doing a ruddy marvellous job of keeping everything upbeat.
Also I have taken advantage of the free three month trial on the Fender website for guitar lessons…. commence the sore as heck fingertips.
Silly Fitness Challenges– Both myself and my Mum are fairly competitive so spend our woodland walks challenging each other to daft things such as attempting a log toss. We also last week saw a few celebrities taking part in the T-shirt handstand challenge…. Note to self do not attempt this again after scoffing a mahooosive tea.
The ponies– Of course! Gem now has Aladdins bitless attachment on her bridle and she has taken to it so well, this pony really is worth her weight in gold.
The Weather– Well holy heck is this not the first bank holiday weekend we have ever witnessed where it doesn’t chuck it down?! I braved getting my equestrian milk bottles out…. I did however apply basically a whole bottle of fake tan prior to this just to avoid blinding anybody.
My neighbours– Just the other day I was chatting to my neighbours over the fence for the second time ever. We all seem to get on so well and they were laughing at my claims to being a damsel in distress about various things… Anyway long story short when I came back from the horses they had mowed my lawn! What kind considerate people.. So grateful.

Stay safe everybody and remember there is always somebody who will listen to you ❀

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