Day 5- No Day 4 For Now..

*Picking up from there I left off*

So for now I have decided day 4 was just a dud, I am trying to keep positive and day 4 wasn’t very sunshine and roses for me. The lack of dog walk wasn’t the main cause but I think my isolation brain is starting to rely on it as part of my daily sanity.

It appears Day 4 didn’t just put my blogs back a day but a whole week, so I am going to try and attempt to pick up this draft from where I left off. Perhaps from now I will do a couple of days at a time considering all the days seem to be merging into one.

Some positives for me to look back on from last week;

More stunning sunshine– Resulting in more naked happy fur babies.
Spare room sorting out– Whilst I have been in my new house (Crumbly Cottage), the biggest spare room has been abandoned and definitely results a dumpsite. On this particular day last week I decided to tackle the binbag mountains and sort through everything in attempt to find all items a ‘place’. This actually really helped my mindset and finding some of my old jewellery and trinkets really made this worth while, buttttt do you know what else I found….. Yes hand sanitiser!! I never thought I’d get so excited over a bottle of antibacterial green jelly!
Sheep– The field that my driveway backs onto now has sheep in and they just add a bit more cheer to the view that I already loved.
Inbred Elmo– After seeing various boredom breakers online I saw a post just full of ‘Inbread’ dogs and it tickled me, so naturally poor Elmo had to be subjected to the same idea.
Candyfloss hair– My impromptu wine induced pink hair from my Birthday the other weekend is slowly fading
House plants– If you know me you will also know that I am rather fond of houseplants, actual crazy houseplant and cacti lady over here. Well my newest member of the team to my eyes had completely popped its clogs, however as you can see in the photos below its now back to normal. I’ve never had a lavender plant before but they seem to take a fair amount of watering, unless i’m doing something wrong?

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