Day 3 – Already Becoming Groundhog

Whats thats…. another load of dog walking & horse snuggling photos. I appreciate the fact I am already repeating myself however my days are also repeating themselves.

The weather was absolutely stunning yesterday, yellow everywhere; the sky, the verges, the trees, just so picturesque.
I made myself nervous laugh in the morning as I thought it would be a good idea to de-birthday my house which started in balloon popping, for some reason my jumpy self despite popping it myself actually screamed as I popped the first balloon. I mean my neighbour didn’t come round to check on my but they must have heard something, how embarrassing.
To stop my brain turning into pure jelly I then did some accounts at home on my laptop, how confusing doing my Thursday job on a Wednesday… that’s my excuse for already not knowing what day it is already anyway.

So positives for me to look back on from day 5728973 of social isolation are;
The horses as per usual- With the weather being stunning the Big Ginger Princess got to go naked, I expected her to pirouette off and roll but no she stood and waited for me to give her a good rub down. She did lose a bit of weight of winter but I am so happy with how she is looking currently, now just to get that muscle back.
Apollo just enjoyed his usual rough play and covering my face with his food. His tail is at last plaited so now I really have to work on them last few mud clogs in his ever growing feathers.
Dog walking- We took a different route which did have rail crossings etc so we were careful to not touch them, opening gates with your bums and elbows is definitely going to be the new way to do things. Once again it was so quiet and peaceful, we did see a couple of walkers who we stopped for as to keep the social distance. The woods we went round today were a great deal muddier than the previous days so I was pretty thankful I didn’t just have my trainers on again as there was one very close to slipping in the ditch moment.
Ugly Betty- Now I know I mentioned this yesterday but last night I sat with waaaaay too much chocolate and sobbed my eyes out whilst on a major binge. I knew it was getting late when I decided I fancied Bettys boyfriend and cried some more into my Wispa bites!




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