Lock-down Blog – Day 2

Hello you lovely lot, I have decided to write the previous days blog at around lunch time the day after so that I have got another little thing to add to my daily routine.
Routine is super important at the moment if you are working from home.. Having the horses is a complete sanity saver at the moment, just getting up, getting dressed & getting out gives you a sense of fulfilment when we are effectively locked in.

My positives from yesterday-

Another day another dog walk– I feel this could be a generic photo post however its another important part of the day.  At the risk of repeating myself.. We are just so lucky to be within walking distance to woodland and tracks where even on the hottest summers day you do not see a soul.
Dried fields– This weather has being a complete game changer to the land! I even did feeds in my trainers the other night. Apollos tail is eventually dreadlock and mud free & Princesses scrawny plait is staying clean. Their legs are almost immaculate at last (other than a couple of blobs in Apollos feathers which he isn’t too keen on me fiddling with).
Being able to be with and cook tea for my family– The fridge is already getting down to the random ingredients that normally get left in the hidden fridge drawer but we are still all having lovely meals together.. Even if I did get a little ‘add’ happy with the Lazy Garlic.
Ugly Betty– Oh Ugly Betty ❤ My fabulous friend and wonder Boss a couple of weeks ago let me borrow her box-set when I didn’t have any wifi or tele signal at the new house so was limited to DVDs. Definitely the best way to switch off at the end of the day.

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