Lady Broome – The New Girly

Drum rolllllll (A few months late)…..

Introducing the beautiful April my OTTB Chestnut Mare (honorary cob).

Lady Broome has been in my life since early November. Her previous Mum Sue who Ive known brielfy for a few years rang me saying she had a lovely ginger girly in need of a working home as she was just too special to be left as a field ornament, im pretty sure April rather loved being a field ornament at Sues fabulous home but we shall see what she thinks to working life once again. When Sue originally rang of course I told myself I couldn’t have another child but agreed to go and see her, and there it was I guess.. Love at first stroke.
I went over to visit her as many weekends as I could so she could get used to me and let her understand that she had two Mums.
Since then Sue and myself have ended up close friends and April lives with Apollo and myself in Fulbeck.

History/ Racing
Ive attached Aprils race record below (as you can see she wasn’t the Worlds fastest racer bless her).
I’ve watched her race videos back and she tends to start up front and hold her own for a few laps but as a rule drops back towards the end of the races.

Our Goals
Obviously I would love it if Princess ends up being a dab-hoof at everything like Aladdin was but my main goal for this year is to get her at least jogging round a barrel pattern.
Before I even think about sitting on her I shall be working on our bond and groundwork as we are not sure if April has ever been lunged or in a sandschool.

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