Apollos Progress

My usual opening blog line…. So, sorry ive been slack with my posts lately Ive had a lotttttt going on. As has Apollo, he’s even moved home..

Tootsie Trim
According to the ladies I picked Apollo up from he had never had his feet done due to the fact he had lived in a big concrete barn… They also slipped out and said hes very ‘back leggy’. I spent a lot of time in the field rubbing up and down his legs with my scary bag on a stick. He had absolutely no issue with his front legs being picked up and played with. His back legs were harder for me to pick up on my own in the field but he would do it eventually after scooting away a few times, once up he wasn’t too keen on me keeping hold and would snatch his leg back.
When Scott came to attempt Apollos first trim we started by trying to do it outside where Apollo is familiar with however he took advantage of the space by just avoiding Scott and barging me so we moved into one of the barns so we had a wall in front of us to avoid the little mother fluffer running forwards.
His front legs as expected weren’t much of an issue and he just stood with his molasses tash rubbing on my neck.  His back legs weren’t horrendous, just with a few added hops, skips and jumps. Apollo wasn’t being malicious or trying to kick Scott he was more panicked by his lack of balance and the new experience.
We also don’t know if perhaps Apollo had a bad experience being gelded due to various reasons and behavioural clues.
His second trim was with Simon and took just twenty minutes which included the meet & greet, a belly scratch (For Apollo not Simon) and the final manicure.
Fingers crossed his next trim which is soon due goes just as well if not better.

Winter Woollies & Rugs
Its official Apollo does the best woolly mammoth impression ive ever seen. I was worried about leaving him out all winter as I didn’t think with his poor condition he would get a decent winter coat, I could not have been more wrong!
When it came to rugging up it only took a few sessions stood in the field flapping it around and plonking it on his back for him to stand whilst I whipped them on and off him. It took him a few off and on and off and ons for his little fluffy butt to stop tucking when I did the leg straps but now he’s a seasoned rug wearing professional.

In my eyes (kids are always perfect to their mothers I guess), Apollo is now the perfect weight and to be fair even with his rough start he has been super easy to fatten up. Hes had unlimited grass and hay and his only hard feed has been a big scoop on Mole Valleys own conditioning mix twice a day. 

Ground work
I try spend a little segment of my day stimulating Apollos crazy brain, whether we get some manners taught or whether we just have a bit of fun and a trot around the field together. Apollo now knows that a touch of the chest and a click means for him to back up. If i put pressure on his bum or hold my arm out to the side he will move his fuzzy little peach away from me. Just simple little things that will help when the ‘major’ work starts. 

Moving Home
Ive kept it (slightly) on the down low but myself and my fur babies have moved away. We have all relocated to a super pretty village called Fulbeck.
My brave mini mammoth literally walked up the lorry ramp straight behind me. Our only problem was when I walked into the living he panicked and tried climbing the partition. Once I realised he problem wasn’t being on the lorry it was not being able to see me.. So that was it I had one cold uncomfy journey ahead of me. I sat on the lorry ledge with his head on my lap and hand fed him hay and had a little sing song. Due to him being a fluff ball we kept all the windows open (pretty sure I had frost bite by the time we had finished the 80 minute journey).
As soon as we pulled into the new yard he must have known and smelt the other horses as he started shouting and getting all gobby. Despite being all giddy he walked down the ramp beside me and danced down the walk way to his new field like a poppet.
Within minutes he settled, I could just tell he way happy. He didn’t make a fuss over the other horses prancing around he simply came over to me for one last butt scratch and then meandered off to taste test his new patch.


2 thoughts on “Apollos Progress

  1. Liking the post Dan 🐎… Keep up the good work!! Great talking with you last night. Love you lots xxxx grandma 😆


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