Parting Ways

So here goes the post I never really wanted to write…

Aladdin has been my partner in crime now since May 2017.
I first saw him at my Aunts yards getting lunged. Initially I passed comment on the ‘chubby, fluffy and rather wild looking cob in the arena’ however after watching him sass around in squerkles for a few minutes I fell in love. Once he had left the arena I asked my Aunt who he belonged to etc and long story short I ended up going to his field two days later and hopping on.
As the weeks went on and I just spent even more time with Aladdin, his owner very kindly let me move him to a fabulous yard just a five minute drive away from my house where I could keep him on DIY livery and get my moustache fix twice daily.
The more time we spent together the more I loved him and our bond just bloomed. He was quickly becoming my ‘heart horse’.
As quick as I could write down goals for myself and Aladdin, he would be smashing them and just kept exceeding my expectations.

During our time together we took part in; Dressage, Showjumping, Arena Eventing, Showing, Pole Bending, Wild woodland rides with accidental ditch jumping, Barrel Racing & even a BS Academy day. We were literally living my equestrian dreams together. And to think in the first few months together I would literally have a breakdown, feel sick and get major jelly legs at the idea of just cantering my rogue gypsy cow. Without Aladdin my confidence would still be sat in a corner somewhere shaking, he really has made me woman up and grow some big mean lady balls!!

A lot of people that follow our page most likely think im an utter child, but the truth is I AM. As a kid I didn’t get to experience pony club or even just general pony fun so I’ve made sure ive got all the fun silly things in with Aladdin that I was at risk of missing out on. Our bareback rides and headcollar jumping sessions are right up at the top of the uber long list of my favourite memories. Every time I see something online and think ‘oh that looks good’ I have then generally decided to take part in. Our attempt at Bareback Dressage was one of them times, I mean it might have resulted in me making involuntary sand angels but we still did it.

We really have ‘winged’ it and taught each other as we’ve gone along. To think we were two uneducated youngsters…. and well we probably still are! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aladdin has turned out to be the horse version of me, he gets hangry and he can be a whole lot of sassy when he wants, he is the right kind of stubborn with the aim to please!

No doubt you’re all wondering why on Earth if everything is so sunshine and roses am I writing this post. So to cut yet another long story short and to bypass me blubbering all over my laptop, I am moving away. Not a million miles away but too far for Aladdins owner to get her weekly moustache kiss.
The move I am hoping will better me as both a person and a rider, Apollo will be living on site with me, I mean he will basically be in my garden which I am super looking forward to. Of course I made sure there was space for Aladdin it was just one of them distance things, he will always hold a piece of my heart and I would always find barn room for him if the opportunity arose.

Thank you all for following our whirlwind of a journey and being so supportive. I shall forever be grateful for every minute I spent with Sir Aladdin, his owner for letting me love her cow pony and treat him as my own and to every person who has taken time out to comment on our posts with support and general kindness.

To the World he is just one Horse, but to me he is the World.

Apollo sure has some big hooves to follow ❤



6 thoughts on “Parting Ways

  1. Oh no I feel and sympathise entirely with your situation but I also think things have a funny way of working out in the end.

    You shouldn’t plan or keep your hopes pinned in that direction because as your rightly say, the pair of you have grown and learned and winged it and as things often happen, you’ve reached the end of the road but it doesn’t mean you won’t cross paths and meet up on another road at some point in the future.

    Horses are friends we never lose no matter how long it is in-between catching up and seeing each other.

    Whatever happens I’m glad you’ve experienced the beauty of a big old fat-arsed clumsy cloppety cob because those horses are (in my view) just superb.

    I would be surprised if you don’t cross paths again.


  2. Also the blog’s name is very apt, accurate and from the heart.

    There’s little cobs can’t do within their physical limitations and even then they can still make you go “Whaaaaaatt???”

    Teaching youngsters to ride bareback and start jumping poles and build confidence enough for them to dare pushing themselves that bit further, a bit faster and higher is what cobs do just brilliantly.

    I learned to ride entirely tackless on gypsy cobs as a very young girl and taught my daughter the same way also on a cob.

    They’re such steady, solidly safe, reliable horses and have an amazingly astute way about them in that they can act up and play silly buggers when it suits but from experience, they’ll reserve it for riders they know are either more experienced or too cocksure and confident and in need of bringing down a peg or two.

    I rode a cob mare “Smartie” who was broken and used primarily for driving but I started riding at weekends and during the holidays. Can’t have been more than 14.2hh and Jesus she could move and jump like you wouldn’t believe. Back then we didn’t have things like arenas and proper jumps and equipment we had woodlands and farmland and open fields and jumped field gates, brick walls and big thick solid fallen tree trunks with streams and brooks and looking back it’s a wonder I survived to my teens.

    She could be a sod sometimes but when we had our old skool style cross country races I swear she knew the posh pony crew were ripping on me something shocking and decided “You know what? We’re gonna win this hands down cos they are some piece of work. You ready and sat comfortably? Good cos we’re off LEGGGGEEYT!!!

    Flat out all the way and first home every time.

    These two made a great partnership and whilst Ava is clearly an experienced and competent rider you can see Ian carrying her very carefully like precious cargo.


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