Blogtober ~ Photo Diary Of The Week

Our week in photos

So we’ve got;

-Aladdin being his usual self, reversing anywhere I go and locking me in tack rooms and stables daily demanding butt rubs
-Apollo had his scruffy mane tidied up, it has grown so much!
-Apollo got let into the extra part of the paddock, look at all that fresh lush grass
-Aladdin enjoyed a chilled out no gadget lunge, he wasnt as extended through his paces as usual but he looked balanced and was happier to stay up in canter
-We had a hay delivery and I thought two large round bales would fit nicely in my stable with the 20 bales of hay and still leave a walk way (I thought wrong)
-With the rain now gracing us every day Foxie is now back in her little Shires soggy doggy rug
-I had a well over due visit with one of my Best friends Jenny, she let us have one of her pink pj rugs. Aladdin was not as impressed as I was
-We have been embracing the darker nights and riding outside still for as long as possible


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