Blogtober ~ Today

Well what a soggy day!

I got up early and washed my hair so that I wouldn’t be rushing around after doing the ponies as it was Lucia’s christening day. I could hear the rain pelting the windows so made sure I had my cap on and hood up to avoid all of the horse wee smell soaking into the freshly washed mop.

Aladdin was rather happy when I put his head collar on and attached his leadrope rather than having his usual Sunday morning lunge leg stretch. He got a big snuggle, I stood with my arms round his neck and had a few deep breaths to prepare me for the wet walk to the field. With it not being too cold I just put his rain sheet on.

I quickly mucked out, floofed his bedroom up and rushed off home. When I took my cap off my hair under the hat had dried and my pony tail sticking out was soaked, curly and slightly horse pissy. Oh dear. My reindeer onesie was my second skin for the morning whilst I attempted to make myself look human and get dressed ready for the christening.

The whole day was lovely and Lucia looked like a little princess, what’s better than a day spent with family after pony snuggles? Nothing.

The rain didn’t stop basically all day and I was eager to get my cosy clothes back on. I made the mistake of putting some grey cosy jogging bottoms on to go swap sheets for pjs and feed the boys. By the time I had climbed Apollo’s gate and had a squish of his baby chub I looked like I had peed myself.

Aladdin got to have his new pink pjs on from his auntie jen and he looks fabulously feminine and fetching.

And here I am now munching on Hawaiian pizza back in my reindeer onesie.

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