Blogtober ~ Perfect Autumn Day

Most days with our horses are perfect right 😉

But honestly I love laid back Saturdays where I take Foxie (my crazy curly pooch) to both Yard’s with me. Having a morning blast on Aladdin followed by snuggles and yet another groom, turning him out and getting his bedroom all cosy and ready for the evening.

Our yard has woods near enough attached to it so being able to go for a chilled stroll after with fox just tops it off. Nothing beats the colour of the trees and the ground this time of year, it really is beautiful.

Then heading off to Apollo’s yard where without fail he will tranter over to the gates calling and demanding kisses whilst foxie runs riot.

If I don’t have major plans for the day, being able to take Apollo for an in hand explore is one of my most loved things to do too (even if he does 9 times out of ten try squishing me).

Basically a perfect autumn day is being able to breathe in pony snuggles without rushing and admiring the surrounding with my loyal pooch. Is there anything better than that? I think not.

5 thoughts on “Blogtober ~ Perfect Autumn Day

  1. Your dog is super cute! I can’t have a dog where I’m living now but I can’t wait to get a dog and let it come to the farm with him!

    And I totally agree: the days where I can fully enjoy the time with the horses without feeling like I’m rushing and just taking in the “moment” (so to speak) is perfect for me!


      1. Ooh, so many choices! I really like Greyhounds (I could have an ex-racehorse and an ex-racedog!) but I’m not sure how well it would cope being off the lead at the farm. I also like Kelpies, German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds! But any dog really!! Seriously, I spend so much time lurking on rescue sites and wishing I could take them all home!


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