Blogtober ~ The Boys Autumn Wardrobes

So its day 11 now of Blogtober (I think) and im sure I keep repeating myself throughout the posts… However I am just going to keep babbling on till the end of the month.

Baby cob has been living out for over a month now and his coat is thickening up a treat. He is warm when I get to him every morning and evening and his condition is near enough how it should be now. So as far as his Autumn wardrobe goes I am hoping his natural winter woollies will do the trick.

Aladdin on the other hand has ten trillion rugs, two for every occasion in fact (perhaps more). I do try keep him naked as much as possible. The four rugs I have been rotatng between already this Autumn when required are… His Mio rain sheet, His light weight premier with a neck, light weight rambo with no neck and his purple pjs with stars on.

I’ve eventually purchased some saddle pad storage bags to I can sort out and get mine washed. We also have four new pads this Autumn (woops). My friend was having a clear out and I just could not stop myself from buying a JW buster pad, a nuumed CC and a Le Mieux CC. Then alongside that I had one of my ‘A Cob That Can’ pads personalised with Aladdins name on.

Aladdin has requested a new headcollar for Autumn as he is sick of the Playboy jokes when he rocks into the yard with his red fluff on…

Aladdin in his ‘A Cob That Can’ pad.
Stood nice and square as per…..

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