Blogtober ~ Autumn Wardrobe

Not sure which day of Blogtober we are even on now as I keep getting it wrong anyway…..

My Autumn wardrobe essentials that I cannot live without are….

My Horseware cap- I’m not even going to write up about it as I’m pretty sure its got at least two mentions already during Blogtober. It’s just super practical and hides me scowling at people whilst i squint at the low Autumn sun

My go to Autumn socks are Horze’s cushioned sole riding socks. As far as long socks go they’re well priced and super comfy. Anddddd have the extra bonus that they go over your knee!

I never really managed to jump on the summer riding tights wagon but I’m currently going through my collection of denim breeches as its not quite chilly enough yet for the super thick material ones to make an appearance. My favourite denim second skin are actually my cheapest ones from Rydale.

With it still being fairly warm I’ve not started routing through my coat and bobble hat selection but I’m sure ill be moaning about having to do so soon.

Also on a very slight topic diversion…. HALLOWEEN!! Am I the only crazy one that will be competing dressed up?! Last year I wore my ‘Brave Killer Tomato’ outfit. I shall definitely never ever be wearing it again due to the threats of being disowned but I shall be finding something, watch this space…

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