Blogtober ~ Tip Tuesday

I’m not going to fib, I did not read the months schedule in advance for Blogtober so I hadn’t realised Tip Tuesday was every week. I wouldn’t have written four tips last week if I had of known as my brain really isn’t large enough to remember anymore haha! So I do apologise if my tips seem pointless (they will be worse next week).

-Invest in a good head torch. Saying this I still haven’t ordered mine but I have got a Horseware cap coming with LED lights in the peek! Fingers crossed this does the trick.
-I hate to say it but we have had a few frosts already so it’s time to bring out the plastic containers and get them filled. Perfect for frozen tap water emergencies.
-Now we all know bailing twine fixes literally everything. And I mentioned in my post last week about filling up as many nets as possible. However on attempting to be prepared I realised Aladdin has chewed holes in near enough all of his nets… A couple of minutes and some bailing twine knitting later they were as good as new.

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