Blogtober ~ Feeding The Piggies

Yesterday I was convinced I had made it to Blogtober day ten, turns out I’m only on day eight now #bloggerbrain

I don’t really change Aladdins feed through the different seasons. The only thing that’s different at the moment is that I’ve been giving him 3/4 of his top spec balancer rather than his usual full cup. Just whilst the grass is still lush and his girth appears to be shrinking daily…
With his top spec lite he has a level scoop of Alfa A Molasses free.
His supplements then include;
Garlic for the pesky flies. I was thinking of stopping this throughout autumn/winter but after reading about its other benefits for the blood etc I’ve decided to keep him on it.
Biotin for his little barefoot tootsies. The hard ground this summer meant his feet had the occasional chip but generally they stayed perfect.
Glucosamine for his crackly joints. Every morning we stretch Aladdins legs and before every ride. After riding we do his carrot stretches for his neck and back and every single time his neck does a huge crack on the right side.
I always think Aladdins tea smells delicious when I’ve wet it and taken it over to him, reminds me of spag Bol with the garlic, now I don’t actually know if it means his tea smells amazing or if my spag Bol tastes like horse slobber….

Apollo just gets a scoop of conditioning mix daily. With him living out I will just be putting that extra bit of hay out for him. His fields are well rested in between rotation so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that mud and grass won’t be an issue.

The featured photo shows what Apollos basic feed, good grass and a lot of TLC have done in three months.

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