Blogtober ~ 10 Things To Love About Autumn

Well we’ve made it to day seven at least and todays topic seems to be a nice easy one, (unlike last night where I had major brain block).

1. Beautiful crisp mornings. Just recently I’ve had the same thought every morning at the same point of my walk up to Aladdins field, how could anybody actually dislike the countryside? Some weekend mornings I often question myself and my desire to have a lie in but as soon as I reach the point on my stroll to the field with my four legged baby and see all the crisp fields with the dew and mist on I realise how lucky I am and how beautiful the countryside is (extra stunning with the ponies in the landscape).

2. Being able to put our favourite snuggly clothes back on. We all moan about being cold when winter comes, but its now the time of year when we all start dragging our winter wardrobe out. Our sleeping bag coats and large selection of bobble hats. I love wearing my bright red horseware feather coat, its literally impossible to be cold when I’ve got this on!

3. Red & Orange. The trees look stunning this time of the year, making hacking through the woods and along the verges even more spectacular than usual.

4. Stubble fields. So we haven’t actually tackled a stubble field together. Seeing them dotted everywhere is so tempting though! And even better is when you’re driving along and catch somebody having a blast with their partner.

5. Clipping your horse. So if you’ve followed our journey from the beginning you’ll know that Aladdin was a half clipped horse last year. But nothing quite says Autumn like turning up to a show and being able to admire all the smart clips and shiny horses.

6. The dreaded horseflies and just all flies in general have gone!! Wahoo!! No more buzzing and biting, no more head swishing and no more fly spray in your eyes. After this summer I thought I was going to have to sell a kidney to fund all of the sprays I was trying on both boys.

7. This summer we’ve had some super hard ground making hacking through fields limited to walking. But now we’ve had a couple of showers the ground is starting to soft up, hello to long canters on the verges!

8. Bath bombs with glasses of wine. Had to mention the best thing about Autumn for us riders at some point. Getting in a nice warm bath after getting frozen and soaked to the bone down the stables is the best feeling ever.

9. Sweaty backs and just sweaty everywhere for both horse and rider no longer. The cooler weather means we can now school without getting salty droplets in our eyes and having to bath our horses after every ride. Stinky feet be gone.

10. Are we allowed to mention the dreaded C word yet…. Well I know for a fact I have already being saving items to my various wish lists. Its a great excuse for me to buy the boys everything I’ve been researching all year. Every holiday is an excuse for me in fact, Aladdin even got a fluffy red head collar at Valentines, I don’t need much of an excuse to spoil my favourites. Only 78 sleeps…..

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