Blogtober ~ Handling The Season Change

Rather than handling the season change I think this year we should all embrace it. We’ve had a long dry summer and are well over due some rain. Putting up with cleggy gateways and losing our wellies to the swamp monsters are just a couple of the consequences we will have to cope with.

So long as our four legged babies take it in their stride and we don’t go crazy over rugging Autumn should be a doddle.
Being prepared for the changing weather is also key. Some of us are already clipping, me however.. Well I am hanging on to his hairy legs dreading the day we have to attempt clipping Aladdin again.
Mud fever season is also upon us. I personally clean the sole of Aladdins feet every night and spray with atheletes foot. Some people rinse off all of their horses legs but I don’t like getting his feathers soggy and cold.

Apollo will still be living out and hopefully unrugged for as long as possible, the only change with him is he shall be getting extra hay in his field buffet.

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