Blogtober ~ Autumn Essentials For The Coblets

Yesterday I babbled on about what I needed to survive Autumn and today it’s all about what my boys need throughout Autumn.

Magic Brush– Where would we be without the super powers of the magic brush?! I love mine, its gets off near enough anything, wet mud, dried on mud piles & and even poo stains if you scrub around in circles. Aladdin can get himself in some real filthy states, if he’s out in a dry field he still somehow comes in looking like a swamp monster and I know the magic brush will always scrub its way through the scuzz.

Cosy rugs that don’t rub– With Aladdin being quite the squirt but with a big booty and shoulders he has tried on a fair few makes of rugs. I’ve also discovered that ones where the neck is detachable don’t rub his luscious locks off. The rug I tend to use the most in Autumn is one of his Premier ones, its super waterproof but not too toasty and can have a neck on. Although Aladdin was not too impressed when I presented him with the neck I bought in the sale last year as all they had left was bright green with a red trim which makes him look like the yard elf.

Thick straw beds– Now muddy season is about to begin and feathers will be getting soggy and stained I like to keep Aladdins bed extra thick as to help drying his little leggies off.

Hi-vis exercise sheet– Now I know this should have be an item we already own however we have gone all summer hacking with just my high vis jacket. Last Autumn Aladdin wasn’t much of a safe hack so I didn’t have to worry about being seen so much as surviving if we attempted the roads.

Treats, treats & more treats– So this last one… I asked the boys themselves what they thought was an Autumn essential and this was their answer; Carrots, apples, snuggles & butt scratches

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