Blogtober ~ Autumn Essentials For Myself

We’re onto day 4 and managing to stick to my Blog A Day… lets see how I feel about this when were attempting day 14…

Here’s just a few of my Autumn personal essentials that im relying on to get me through the changing weather;

My trusty cap– I am a definite hat person, always have been always will. Hats are my attempt at covering my five head up as well as keeping my overactive brain warm. And now we’re into Autumn the sun is getting lower and seems to forever be blinding me so I rely on my cap to hide the fact I am constantly squinting (or scowling depending on my mood). My cap collection is slowly growing but my favourite one has to still be my Horseware gingerbread coloured cap.

Thick socks– It seems that I have the worlds worst circulation, I mean in the shower I look half dead with blue legs and feet (attractive I know). Chill blain season is creeping up also so its around now my trusty heat holder socks get pulled back out my sock sack. Aldi also do a cheaper alternative, though not quite as snug you can get four pairs for the price of my usual ones!

Wine & Hot Chocolate– Not mixed together of course but a definite essential! Hot choccie to warm me back up to room temperature after getting done down the stables and just enough sips of wine for me to convince myself its summer again..

Handcream & Lip balm- Due to the fact I am constantly chewing on my lips they do tend to dry up especially now its getting nippy and windy, and who doesn’t love Carmex!! I honestly think its addictive! Just a quick warning though- Horse hair is definitely attracted to it and will make your carmex lips look similar to a llamas.
With my hand cream I do keep nice smelling ones in my bag to take to work (mainly to mask the just mucked out poo smell). But at home I use and swear by O’Keeffes working hand cream, it doesn’t smell heavenly but it definitely forms a nice barrier over my cracked working mans hands.

**One of my favourite photos as the random featured image to remind me why this time of the year is still fabulous**

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