Blogtober ~ A Day In The Life Of

Today’s Blogtober theme is ‘A Day in the life of’. So here we have it, A Day in the life of me, Rider & Slave of two Cobs that can (In my eyes anyway)

My day begins at 5.40 every day and starts with Foxie snuggles and quick play in the garden before making up packed lunches and cups of tea.
I usually sit in front of the mirror wondering how and why I am putting make up on when I am about to be horse slobbered to death.
Generally I make it to Aladdins yard no later than 7.10 and begin mucking out, after of course he has received his morning neck rub and treat.
One of my favourite things about Aladdins morning routine is that when I bring him out his stable to tie up whilst I muck out he gives me his front legs to stretch out for him. We go for his right leg first and as I lean back and straighten out his leg he leans back too and lets out the cutest grunts.
We then take our walk over the road to the big field, 9 times out of 10 he rolls right in front of me just to demonstrate how mucky he will be when I bring him in later after another 5378934 rolls.
Once Aladdin is out of ears reach I make up his night time feed, put his nets in and leave his bed up.

Then I drive on to Apollos yard. And for those of you that follow me on Instagram you will know that I then sneak up to the gate before shouting him and recording cute videos of him prancing over for back scratches. Depending on how I am getting on for time we have started doing some plastic bag desensitising in the mornings, most of the time its a quick snuggle and water top up before I have to dash off.
Then thats it at work for 8.50 until 17.00

In the evenings I get Apollo done first as with him living out he just requires his tea, water topping up and excessive snuggles.
Usually I get to Aladdin for about 18.00 and this is when the fun starts. He gets a full on pamper every night before some form of exercise. If I am pushed for time we generally have a lunge. But most nights we choose to school in the big outdoor or put some poles out in one of the indoors.

Then thats it, drive home, cook tea, take my horse poo/digger greased/diesel soaked clothes off, have a shower, lay on the sofa and snore the house down. Occasionally house work gets done…..

2 thoughts on “Blogtober ~ A Day In The Life Of

  1. Oh ‘Wow’ what a busy little 🐝 bee my granddaughter is!! Keep up the good work … Love you xxx hope to see you soon xx grandma


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