So Blogtober has started, we all have the challenge of posting every day throughout October with a fun easy-writing schedule set up by The Forelock Journal.

Watch this space for Autumn tips and all round Autumnal equestrian life.

Now, doing a post every day may be quite a challenge for my sieve brain. Posting silly photo updates on Facebook is one thing but sticking to a plan and updating my site daily, well.. I think it may be getting done from my phone most days so I apologise in advance for all the typos and splurring on.

7 thoughts on “Blogtober

  1. Ooh, I love this idea! I really struggle with posting every day even though I know I should. I might have to steal this (but adapt it slightly since we’re entering summer here in Australia… autumn is a distant memory!)

    Looking forward to reading all your posts!


      1. Challenge accepted!

        Hehehe I think I’ll just get jealous of everyone talking about rugging up and tips to stay warm while I try not to melt every time I step outside!

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