Dressage Riders Online

Our first online dressage entry aaaaand our first attempt at a Prelim.

I have been rather eager to ride through a Prelim test at a competition but with me being the anxious numpty that I am I felt too conscious. The judges comments wouldn’t be an issue for me but it’s all the spectators who think they are judges that really made me shudder.
So when I saw a lovely lady advertising her up and coming business (http://www.dressageridersonline.co.uk) I jumped at the opportunity to enter.
This meant I could do my Prelim whilst running the risk of looking like a complete muppet, but only be seen by my friends who would be recording and a judge who I would never have to look in the eye and hide my embarrassment.

A couple of weeks went past and I was that calm about the whole Prelim thing I had actually completely forgotten to read through it and record our wiggly attempts. It came down to the last four days before videos had to be submitted when we had our first attempt. Adele stood at C armed with my Ipad and a scruffy print off of Prelim 14. Everything seemed to be going okay(ish) until the wind blew the test sheet over the Ipad camera. This resulted in bits being missed from the video, Adele losing where she had read to and myself just bimbling around on Aladdin in random directions. We decided to call it a day and agreed we needed to recruit an extra person to video.
With just one day left until videos had to be on I dragged Emily & Rachel out to help. Aladdin is usually ridden in an afternoon after work so he wasn’t best impressed with being dragged straight out of bed into the arena. This time luckily I had a bit more of the test in my head so felt a tad more prepared in case I couldn’t hear Emily.
The end markers had been removed from  the arena so we just drew a line in the sand so that we had edges to work to.
Considering this was only our second ever time riding the test due to me being an unorganised forgetful mop he actually went rather nicely!
Once I had mucked out I popped home and uploaded the video from my Ipad to Youtube and then sent the link straight on. Super simple and easy.

The excitement and dread of getting my test sheet back was crazy! I couldn’t wait to see what comments we received without other competitors peeping at your sheet.

The judge we had was super kind and along with the uplifting remarks gave us some homework to work on within her feedback. We even received a yellow pretty and a bag of Haribo- Massive bonus!

We shall definitely be taking part in more online dressage tests. I may even do a Prelim at a show as being able to do it online and receiving the feedback we did has given me the confidence to do so.

If you are wanting to enter a class between now and December you can use the code ‘acobthatcan’ for 25% off 

~ Great for confidence building
~ No show pressure
~ You can wear any clothing (even your pjs if you really wanted)
~ Its a good giggle with friends

Homework from the test;
~ Remember to zoom in when on the far side of the arena
~ Work on our trot, walk (once horses length), trot

Rather love the photo of little jockey photobombing our salute



4 thoughts on “Dressage Riders Online

  1. First of all, congratulations on the 3rd place!

    Second… I love the idea of this site! I’m desperate to start competing again and get some more feedback and constructive criticism on my dressage… but without my own trailer, it’s hard to get anywhere. But if I can do it from the comfort of my own arena without having to get dressed up, that’s amazing!


      1. That is a definite plus! I’m actually really keen – I literally just sent the link to the site to one of my riding pals with the comment of “we’re doing this asap!” so I’ve already roped in a camera person!

        Also, I just had a quick look through your blog and oh my goodness, Aladdin is adorable! If I was the judge, I would have given him extra points just for being so cute!


      2. Amazing let me know how you get on! Did you see the discount code ‘acobthatcan’ for your 25% off the entry fee. I’m quite tempted to do the winter league they’re holding..

        Oh thank you so much. We’ve had quite an amazing journey, love him to bits.


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