Toggi Calgary Boots

After two years with my beloved Toggi boots my toes eventually started hanging out the end. I’ve been taping them up and wearing bags on my feet for a few weeks whilst I searched for my new loves (and saved some pennies). Every now and then I would trip over the sole which was hanging off and remind myself the search needed speeding up. Oddly it was only my right toes that were peeking out so I must make a mental note to stop dragging my big right foot behind me in a zombie style manner whilst mucking out after a night in on the wine.

I wear my general riding boots constantly, to ride, to work, to bed….

So after lots of researching I’ve ended up with basically the same boots again, well the closest ones I could find as the last pair were unbeatable, so sturdy and comfy.

The only difference with these Toggis is that the zip is now on the back and of course the obvious difference in colour. They have taken a few extra days to break in than my last pair and have chewed a few heel holes in my socks but they now feel as good as old! Just how I like them.

Fit & Comfort
Due to the fact I ride like a melted marshmallow with jodhpur boots on I have managed the whole summer in these boots, comments have been made regarding maggot farms etc but the truth is these boots are just super versatile throughout the seasons. The calf is quite wide on me but this doesn’t effect the comfort and just gives more room for fluffy winter socks when required.
The sole is just perfect for riding and offers the best support, the fact I was jumping in these right until my toes made an appearance says it all.


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