Friday 13th Dressage

As per usual I am late at updating my posts…. or am I just super organised and these are all scheduled….

Our last dressage test was umm well it was Friday the 13th. We did some polework the night before to work on bending etc. And to be subtle Aladdin was like riding a newly broken highly strung Tasmanian three legged devil! So to be fair I should have known doing dressage the day after wasn’t going to be pleasant. I kept wondering whether it was the hanging cheek myler we had in, it was rather on the large side due to borrowing it off my Aunt but he did jump amazingly in it and has schooled beautifully in it also.

So anyway.. I did my usual and pratted around till last minute and put his new Harry’s Horse bridle on from Livingstone Equine for he first time ever (it’s been sat in my office, then my house then my travelling tack room of a car since his birthday).
I was still scrubbing poo stains when Adele came over and said I had ten minutes. So as expected the warm up was a rush but he felt quite okay and ready(ish) to go.
As soon as we entered the arena I must have tensed up or something as he turned into a trantering wiggly worm.
The test felt messy, his strides felt choppy and I felt like a sack of potatoes just sat there trying to maintain our rhythm. Normally I’m sat wishing the test away but I just wanted it to be a bit longer in the hope he would settle.
After the test I took him back in the warm up and he was ready to ‘go’ all he wanted to do was canter. I thought it would be best to let him blow off some steam even if we were in an unstylish counter canter most of the time.

Somehow the judge must have seen past our wigglyness and we actually came away with our first ever pink pretty which I was rather chuffed about.

I was left feeling so unsure, should I change his bit? Did he not like the new bridle? Or am i just a sack of potatoes?!




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