He Jumped My Socks Off

Our last lesson with my Aunt felt like we overcame the jittery hurdle I have been hiding behind. At the start of every lesson she asks what would we like to work on, and this time considering we haven’t competed or done a great deal of jumping (none) since the last lesson I asked if we could just go a ‘bit bigger’. I regretted it as soon as our usual cross pole warm up fence was made a straight and about the size we normally finish on.

Aladdin had quite clearly over dosed on go-go juice and it just made me realise I needed to get over myself to get over the jumps as he was keen and I was just being a bean. After every lesson I normally kick myself over not pushing my (slowly growing) confidence just that bit more, well this lesson I wanted to completely jump out of my comfort zone.

My squeaky dog toy laugh was back as I sharply inhaled over the first few warm up jumps, it was more of a nervous laugh as Aladdin had eaten his brakes and I quite frankly did not want to eat sand. The more we jumped the better it got, I stopped looking at the jump height and started thinking about lines and landing rather than panicking about the approach. I think Aladdin could sense I was having a whale of a time up top and kept sticking in strides and imaginary poles but I loved it! His extra gear round corners felt amazing, where he would sometimes drop off my leg he was rocketing around instead (no there wasn’t an electric shocker on my boots).

I just need to work on jumping inbetween lessons without having my safety net Aunt on the ground. If anybody suggests jumping during the week my legs just turn to jelly and I forget to use them resulting in sloppy take offs over even the smallest fences. I cannot help but look at the jump occasionally when with other people either, my nerves just eat away at me and I get convinced that I am going to embarrass myself. Also we have still not competed since the Winter League and I really do need to get my ass into gear and change this.

As for the lesson videos, well I cannot stop watching them like a crazy proud Mum.


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