Beads, Braids & Knots

Just a quick appreciation post about our favourite place to get matchy-matchy extras from.

A fair few months ago I entered a Facebook competition to win a lead rope and reins. After noseying through the page a few weeks previous and fallen in love with all the paracord accessories. So had convinced myself I would buy some reins after the competition had ended anyway.
After a rather shoddy Winter League jumping round one Friday evening I checked my phone only too see we had won the competition, woopdy flipping doo!
Stefanie contacted me almost straight away to confirm and congratulate. We set about choosing colours etc.
Of course our colour scheme was going to be turquoise based to match the rest of our wardrobe.
When the two items arrived I couldn’t believe the quality and that they were actually handmade. The reins were so sturdy but still supple enough that there wasn’t a difference in grip when riding.
For the first couple of weeks I didn’t dare leave the lead rein by his field, however once I realised all the paracord items could be washed and came up as good as new I risked it and we now use it every day.

Basically if you want something creating Stefanie can do it! I had spoken to her regarding a hackamore attachment I had seen online and was going to buy. B,B&N  suggested that she would be able to make one, and what do you know.. We had one in the post the next week and it was perfect. Not only does it do the job, its also super dooper pretty compared to the thick black basic one I was thinking of buying.

We use our paracord items every single day as they are so unique and stand out. When doing our Western Riding and Barrel Racing I actually prefer the Cord reins over our rubber ones (As do most people at the clinics.)

Also if you have a pampered pooch with an impressive wardrobe Stefanie also does dog accessories!

Since the competion our Beads, Braids & Knots wardrobe grew and we now own;
*Lead Rope
*Oh Crap Strap
*Safety Strap
*Hackamore Attachement



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