Apollo- The New Boy

You know when you’re online impulse shopping after a glass of wine (or ten) and accidentally buy a new pair of shoes… Sorry I mean two year old gelding…

So last weekend Apollo happened, fortunately due to the World Cup my OH was a good few beers down when I showed him a photo on my phone and introduced him to our new four legged fluffy child, Ryan laughed it off.. Until the next morning when I asked which day we could go pick him up.

Everytime I passed the advert for Apollo (well I actually I could never really pass it), I zoomed in on photos and admired his soft little face and fluffy mane. He looked to stand proud and well it was basically love at first ‘like’. His advert was saved onto my Facebook, given the thumbs up and screenshotted on my phone numerous times.

After several emails with the lady we arranged collection and my fabulous friend let us borrow her trailer. When we arrived at the yard my heart was flittering all over the place I was close to being sick. They brought Apollo round, his lanky legs were all over the place like Bambi on ice and he just had a bit of blue rope on his headcollar.
When I saw his cute pink nose I recognised him from the photos and loved him but couldn’t help but thinking his condition wasn’t the greatest and his cute baby mane was more dreadlocks than fluff.


After rearing up alongside Ryan and skating all round the concrete surface he loaded onto the trailer without even hesitating, he just latched on to the net that was hanging.
It was gone midnight when we got him home after a slow drive back. He unloaded in the pitch black and followed me into his stable where he continued his hay binge.
The next morning I went to his stable at 5am to just sit with him and get him used to his new crazy Mum. Whilst chattering away I managed to give him a quick brush off as he rubbed his lips all over the Horselyx Block and sorted out his mane etc. Putting his new headcollar on made him slightly wary and I found a few sores where his old one had rubbed.

The ladies we got him from said he had never really been turned out so I was rather chuffed when he casually strolled out into the new super lush long field. Getting him in later that night was another story and took a lot of patience. After (what felt like years) I realised it was the headcollar he wasn’t a fan of I led him in with just a lead rope round his neck and treats in hand. Once back in the stable I sat on his bed just to admire him and get him used to me some more, then amazingly he came and laid with me! It was the best feeling ever, to be fair after the lack of sleep I could have cried like a baby but instead I just leaned into him for a snuggle.
We had just another day of awkward catching as now he now actually trots up to the gate whinnying which completely melts me. When im mucking out he walks up and down the fence alongside me pushing the wheelbarrow and follows.


He has been getting pampered and groomed twice a day and is looking rather shiny and super handsome! This weekend I shall be attempting to pick his feet up after spending a few minutes a day brushing up and down his legs and over his hooves. I shall be wearing a hat on my noggin as the sellers were honest and said he kicks when you pick his feet up.

Just love him to bits already and how we already have new bond forming.



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