Georgia & Blue

Their Story so far..

So here we are, me and my best frenemy. Our story is not so glamorous or successful… in fact some would say a failure !
Anyway, here we go!

I’m no cob convert, in fact my whole life I have watched my granny with her cob and admired the mare (cob not granny!). When the poor old mare sadly passed away, my granny was in the market for a new coblet… and after lots of searching the perfect pony was found, a beautiful 14.2hh, 5 year old, grey dappley cobbo!! Yays all round!!

My granny in recent years has slowed down with riding so blue the bombproof, perfect to do in every way pony was sort of passed to me. Result finally my own pony🤩

The first time I rode him I was nearly in tears, thrilled with how he felt and how right we seemed to fit together. I spent every single day devoted to exercising him… giving up my lunch times to lunge or ride him. I fell in love!

Once we began getting into some proper work, I discovered that actually when you asked something of him, he could be rude and difficult. I started to see the sharp side of little blue. Never the less I persevered, with the help of my fab colleagues at the time and older sister.
Now, Blue is a selective head shaker (he head shakes when throwing a paddy🙈)… this however was no problem, I learnt to keep on riding him through the head shaking, through the sharpness and him napping. I learnt how to handle his naughtiness basically.

So we’re a month down the line and he has a winning combination of gentle bit for his sensitive mouth and a looser contact then ever. Finally he began to settle down and listen! After my best ever session on him I came home smiling ear to ear, only for the next day him to bolt (well more running off with me in an extremely fast and unbalanced trot!). Resulting in me coming out the side door and dislodging my hip!

The fall inevitably knocked my confidence and I couldn’t bare to even look at him for a while! Anyway, after a while I thought “No I have to ride him, I can’t not”, so I started riding him again, terrified each time but soldiered on with it and got on him anyway. Every time I rode him, I became less and less confident.

Blue is no way a straight forward ride but the ride he gave me this week was the worst ride I have ever had. He took me, I didn’t take him. All I have to say is my bum was in the air more than it was in the saddle!! I carried on, trying to be brave but I already was crying. I felt so frustrated and lost because every time I try with him I get no where in fact I go back 5 steps!

I have been learning to handle his naughtiness and actually getting no where, in fact we only got to canter once because everytime he had a canter whether that be ridden or on the lunge, it would blow his mind and he couldn’t get his head away from it so in turn would be a nightmare to ride.

After beating myself up about everything, blaming myself, putting in effort and getting nothing back I feel deflated and feel like giving up! A lot of people happily blame the rider for the faults of the horse in question. We can sometimes blame the pony, not every rider can wave a magic wand and fix their pony and make it obedient!

Anyway, before I go of on a tangent even more… the moral of this story is that it’s okay for you to want to give up, you don’t always have to be brave, you don’t always have to keep riding something you aren’t enjoying and YES you can love your pony and not like him/her.

I’ve learnt that riding is our, or at least my hobby and you wouldn’t keep collecting stamps as a hobby if they made you cry and erased all of your confidence!!

Yes I love my pony, yes I might be a wimp, yes I often hate him, yes i might not be the best rider but NO I will not keep doing something that’s not making me happy anymore.

I wish someone had told me sooner that it’s okay, it’s not your fault, it’s okay to have failures and not every pony and owner combo is a good one!!!

Georgias Future & Goals..
I have a new cob coming Sunday, who is truly amazing and hopefully can teach me something more than handling naughtiness!! With her I aim to regain my confidence and begin to jump her. I haven’t given up on Blue, I love him… I’m just having a break from trying to figure out why he is as he is!! Wish me luck finding the answer!!

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