The Equestrian Juggle

I often wonder how the heck you all do it?! I mean who would have thought just having one horse, two jobs and a fraction of a social life would be so hard to keep on top of? To all of you with more than one fur baby I salute you and also ask you to send some tips my way 😉
Warning.. Todays blog is more of a confused diary entry than a report or write up

One of my jobs that I am at two days a week I have actually managed to work my hours around turn out and bringing in time, so these are my designated days for having a longer amount of time in the saddle or just general Aladdin snuggling. These days I actually tend to rock up home even later as I generally get carried away with riding and beautifying my handsome cow. Which then in turn results in me panicking and going home feeling terrible and just presuming my other half is most likely sat waiting considering disowning me on the terms on neglecting him.

At weekends after morning turn out I spend the day clock watching and working around the time he has to be in by and find myself turning down plans and being an utterly crap friend. Our yard generally has shows on most weekends, which these past few months I have stopped taking part in at the risk of being even more anti social. In turn I end up being a grumpy bag anyway wishing I had competed but knowing if I did I may well again be disowned.

I keep dragging my other half down the yard and giving him lessons on Aladdin in the hope he may too want to spend all his spare time down the stables (what a dreamer) but so far he still thinks I am a daft ole sod for spending my every second with or thinking about ‘that damn horse’. I must add at this point I do make his pack up and 90% of the time have tea ready before anybody thinks about ringing the ‘help for neglected boyfriends hotline‘.

I have been offered jobs on a great deal more money (which would solve the money juggle and struggle) but then Aladdin would have to be on full livery as I would be away later so I would be spending less time with him and that seems to out weigh the positives of having a solid job.

Some days I feel like just giving up but then I don’t know who or what I would be other than a nice smelling ‘normal’ person who dropped their passion to please others. I doubt I will ever get anywhere in the equine world but the thought of it just drives me on, and I know if I did quit I would forever regret it.

My family potentially also think I have gone bonkers and my Gran has even banned me from using the ‘H’ word. This I am sure you will all understand is super hard when horses have completely taken over your brain and way of life!

So how do you do it? How do you get on and ride and not feel guilty about what you ‘should’ be doing?
Also does anybody turn up at work not smelling like urine and looking like a month old straw bale?

Is there a happy medium or do we just have to keep trotting along juggling and struggling..

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