3x JJ Lessons- Going Up A Class

Okay so I have been a tad slack (well a lot slack) with my polework lesson write ups recently. Once I have done the short Facebook write up, remembering to do the rest just sort of slips out my brain. So over the past two and a half months I have had three polework lessons with my super instructor  and Auntie (AJ).

Since finishing the winter league I have my mind set on going up a class (or after a glass of wine perhaps two classes) and taking part in the summer league. Over the lessons I have lost my niggling fear of the jump height and actually gotten over my double-phobia. The more we jump the more I actually want to jump. I have gone from clock watching, waiting for the lesson to end to moaning about it being our last pop round the course and making the most of every second.

Equally myself and Aladdin now understand each other more than ever and seem to be quite in sync. He definitely isn’t a point and shoot but so long as I line us up nice and straight and keep a good contact and my leg on he generally feels confident and will go over even the new and scary fillers. Rather importantly I have learnt to keep my shoulders tall and not sloppy as in the case of an emergency poo break or spook as going over his head is not exactly a fun thing to do.

Our last lesson was such a success with no stops or somersaults it actually ended it in happy tears. Jo was laughing as we don’t seem to be able to achieve a ‘dry’ lesson as the previous times I have been known to pee a little when he pings a bit higher than expected or goes on a big horse stride.

Canter & Rhythm are key ❤




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