At the moment we are competing in the Summer Dressage League, in the pairs with Riley & Tinkerbell meaning we have to do a test every week or at least every fortnight. However last Friday I knew would be a huge rush and I also had my sister round for the weekend who needed picking up from my Mums ‘straight from work’. So I decided against entering us in for a test…

Midday I got a text from a friend asking if I could read for her as she was six horses after me. Straight away panic set in as I looked online to see my name was on the website and entered. So I text Trudy just to make sure I wasn’t being ‘blonde’. Much to my fear she confirmed I was indeed booked on for 6.26pm the same as every week. Ahhhhhhhh!! I had already being informed I might be leaving work late, my cow pony was out naked so was certain to be a poo pony, I had no show clothes in my car, I had ridden in a hackamore attachment the night before so didn’t have a bridle made up, I had arranged a rather large hay and straw delivery for half five delivery & I was almost certain my 13 year old sister would have a house party if I told her I would be turning up late, (And breathe).

When I eventually made it to the yard with a face like thunder and butterflies kicking the crap out of my chest my yard family came to the rescue. Everyone was hands on with the hay delivery, Dale started mucking my stable out, Adele helped me groom and we managed to put a show outfit together. Aladdin looked as discombobulated as I felt  but just went with the flow of things. We warmed up next to the dressage arena and went in as soon as we could as I just wanted to get it over and done with.

We actually entered fairly straight for once and had a nice rhythm. Our only blip was a sneaky canter stride to C when we were supposed to be trotting round the corner. Aladdin felt  keen and eager to canter but continued to listen to my chuntering about going steady and being a good boy.
As we halted I gave him a big pat and apologised for being a stressy grumpy cow and told him he could now go to bed with a nice big tea.
I didn’t rush to find out our score as we have never been placed or even gotten anywhere near in dressage, I read two tests for our friend and completely forgot about the one we had just ridden.
Adele came over with a massive grin and said she wasn’t going home until I had picked my test up. So without getting too giddy I scooted over to collect my scary paper..
67.39!!!! Our best ever score and also meant we won the class, so so proud of my naughty cow pony for putting up with me being a moody mare.

Looks like I shall have to be in a massive unorganised rush more often!


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