23 & Too Old….

So I have been wanting to write this post for a while, since last year in fact so I will make a start now and try avoid babbling.
Last year I stupidly yet innocently asked the question ‘Do you think I will ever actually get anywhere with my riding?’. The reply shocked me as I was told I probably would not as I had left it too late to have that ‘certain something’.
I could not be more determined or passionate about both myself and Aladdin succeeding however it seems that may just not be enough. Various comments such as, it not being natural after a certain age to learn properly, or if you leave it later than ten you have a built-in fear of falling which holds you back.
This completely baffled me as people are learning new skills throughout their life so why shouldn’t riding be one of them? Why does 23 get classed as too old?! I mean normally when I tell people my age at work etc you get the typical ‘Oh you’re just a baby’ comment yet in the equestrian world it is classed as old..

I mean it is slightly off putting when you see eight year olds jumping 1.20 tracks when I have just got over my cross pole-o-phobia but at least I am trying?
(This seems to be more a bundle of questions than an actual blog post haha.)

What age did our Idols start?

Charlotte Dujardin- 2 Years old and won her first show at the age of 3.

Michael Whitaker- Started competing at 5

William Fox-Pitt- Began riding at age four, he stopped when he was 13 because he thought he would get bullied then again starting when he was 15 and started eventing at age 15.

Mary King- Convinced her Mum to lead her around on the Vicars pony from the age of 6.

Pippa Funnell, Mark Todd the list of teeny riders goes on…

So after researching and looking into this its official, I am either doomed and should quit while I am (not) ahead or I should just prove this list wrong and get myself on Wiki too… “Danielle Burns started competing at age 23…” 😉

Horses and riding have always being in my life but only last year has it become my life. Not through choice may I add I have always wanted a chunk of the equestrian life but only now have I got the opportunity and I just hope I can do something about it.

Here’s a teeny me with my first pony

7 thoughts on “23 & Too Old….

  1. Hi ‘Sweetface’ … my name for you when you were that ‘cute’ teeny girl with cute/teeny pony! Aawh lovely pic …. and equally lovely memories for me. Enjoyed reading that particular ‘post’ …. very profound and well written Dan …. and very true to life about the way ‘age’ is defined … especially in the ‘sporting world’!! Anyway love as far as I’m concerned you’re doing really well … you try very hard, work very hard, and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer … and the main thing is you’re enjoying what you do … and ‘I’ am very proud of you!!! Loving the picture too!! See you soon … Lots of love xxxx grandma & Alan

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