Clare & Icy Blue

This is my super cob Icy Blue. He truly does it all as you can see. We are currently preparing for the Wobbleberry challenge so his hog is growing out and we are going all out “Eventing”. He will be 10 this year and I’ve had him 3 years.
I am 50 this year and am having a wonderful time with him.

Quick question for Clare…. Have you always had Cobs or are you a convert?
No I am a total convert. I Was a very novice riding club rider. Unfortunately I lost my lovely spotty lad to sarcoids….and in my mind I was going to get an Irish sports Horse… But my friend and instructor persuaded me after a number of unsuccessful viewings, to go view a cob that a friend of a friend happened to be selling …..We went and tried him, and it was love at first sight! Ha has done so much with me, and we’ve learnt together. We are now planning our Wobbleberry journey. Our first big ODE is an 80 BRC qualifier on 7/05 at Swalcliffe.

Wishing Clare and her Super boy the best of luck!!! 


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