We Got The Big Thumbs Up

Following on from my previous post regarding my three legged cow pony..

Our fabulous physio came out to us on Tuesday evening and to be honest I was feeling rather down in the dumps, preparing myself for more rehab exercises. In my eyes Aladdin had being moving beautifully on the lunge but not wanting to get my hopes up I kept reminding myself I am not the physio and after all i am blind in one eye haha!
I could see his short strides and slight tracking of his hind on the lunge three weeks ago but I have spent so much time chasing him in circles I just feared I had gotten used to it.
Butttt (big drum roll) we got the go ahead to start riding again and carry on as normal. Aladdin lunged like a superstar in front of Jess and even threw in some freestyle moves when a raffle ticket attacked his leg.

Our First Ride

After what felt like years but was actually only just under a month of groundwork I was giddy to plop myself back on.
So last night I rushed down the yard, mucked out and got tacked up, wahoo! For a couple of minutes I felt a tad nervous wondering if he would be a complete fresh numpty but excitement soon took over. At the mounting block he generally stands perfectly (unless there’s somebody stood near him), however tonight he decided to take a few side steps and move his bum half a mile away from me. I wasn’t going to argue and put it down to him being equally as excited. As I scrambled on Aladdin,  he set off and took us into the school before I was fully adjusted and stirruped up.

We could not be more grateful for the indoor schools at Hill House as it was absolutely bucketing it down. I spent extra time warming up and walking round in figures of eight, boxes and practising our centre line stops. When I put my leg on and asked for trot with my voice he responded with lightning reactions. He felt grrrreat (Better than Frosties)!!!!
Then the rain came down even heavier and thundered on the school roof which was making Aladdin a tad tetchy and sharp so we had a few canters and warmed back down, as I did not want to not push it too much on the first ride back. When trotting off we had a few grunts  and speedy moments thanks random splats of indoor rain catching him off guard.

Over all I Could not be happier!!

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