Yvonne & Rhona – Guest Blog

After a knee replacement, heart attack, bypass op and angina I thought my riding career was over. I was getting more and more scared of riding and sold my lovely cob x. However I soon realised that I just couldnt give up, and along came Rhona aka Clogheen Bella. She is an 11 year old 14 hand supercob.
To start with she couldn’t trot a 20m circle or canter on the correct lead but she had a fantastic attitude. With lots of help from understanding instructors especially my daughter Marion we are now doing affiliated novice dressage. Our achievements started last year when we got to the team quest and my quest regional’s, the veteran riders championships and this year the music regional’s. What a pony!!


One thought on “Yvonne & Rhona – Guest Blog

  1. Wow mate, when I read your first sentence I too was surprised you can still ride. But go you!!! You are a strong person and a fighter. Long may you be riding. Mel x

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