JJ Jump Lesson

Just a short and sweet write up from our last lesson so you don’t all think we have disappeared..

We worked on a course of 60ish just to make sure we were ready to move up a class. I was almost certain we were but it’s always nice to have your instructor confirm it. We don’t have issues with slightly bigger jumps but generally only do one or two at a time so our lesson was about stringing it all together and keeping Aladdin forward the whole way round and to always be preparing for the next fence whether it’s a few strides or half a school away.

My biggest niggle this lesson was with myself and the fact I was anticipating the jump, luckily Aladdin was reasonably straight forward in this lesson as generally he sticks a few refusals in, which would have landed me in trouble if I was setting off when I thought was right and he wasn’t. It’s never good to jump the fence without your horse! I just need to remember to sit back and trust him even if he does set off ten million strides early or chip in ridiculously close.

We only had one ‘Oh Crap’ moment when Aladdin dropped off my leg in between the double and stuck his anchors on ploughing us through the second part of the fence. Once at a stand still with me over his head he deflated and had a poo!! Needs must I guess but we really need to work on riding through these toilet breaks as apparently stopping for a poo isn’t the done thing in a jump off..


If in doubt keep my leg on. Aladdin is a super horse and we have a fabulous bond so he always listens to me and needs my reassurance if we approach a new or scary jump so if I even for a second take my leg off he will back off as he definitely isn’t a point and shoot pony.


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