Sunday Strolls

So one of our goals was to get out hacking more. We have taken on the woods next to the dressage arena but not yet mastered the roads.
Our last attempt on the roads at the old yard was a complete failure. Aladdin was cantering on the spot and prancing about side wards which was not overly appreciated on a busy road. We only got as far as My Aunts sand school when i decided it would be safest if we stayed in the school whilst the others carried on with their hack, this perhaps wasn’t the best idea either but I wont go in to that haha!! Lets just say I am glad we didn’t end up jumping the arena gate.

This attempted ride out lingered in the back of my head whilst I tacked up and had a pep talk with the cheeky man himself. We were going with our yard partners in crime, Riley and Tinkerbelle and of course Adele on foot. I had warned Adele that she may end up attached to me also…

We left the yard and Aladdin’s eyes were on stalks and he had an exaggerated swagger in his step as we pranced towards his turn out field. I quietly reminded him that he is no longer a gypsy trap horse and I would prefer it if he dropped the fancy knee action.  His body felt rock solid and tense but slowly he calmed down and his pace slowed enough for me to talk to Adele who was behind.
Once he realised we were out for a good ole plod and not a race the hack became instantly enjoyable. The traffic did not seem to bother him at all, even the cars that did not slow down! Tinkerbelle behind was an absolute treasure behind looking after Riley.

The woodland entrance was a tad tight for our chubby cob bums so joining the trial required a tiny bit of off-roading which also meant we had to follow Tinkerbelle over as Aladdin stood looking at the little mount wondering whether he should jump it or turn back and go the other way.

Unbelievably I soon discovered Aladdins ‘spooky’ obstacles were logs on the ground and upturned tree roots which whilst in the dense woods is quite an awkward thing to find out. Every log or even twig we came across resulted in a snort and sideways levitated spook. All I could do was sit and laugh and listen to Adele chuckling at us pulling some fancy moves.
The last branch was just that bit too much and resulted in us reversing and spinning into another tree, Aladdin refused to turn back round to it and left his bum poking out onto the track. Once Tinkerbelle took overtook and walked calmly past the log Aladdin was back ‘on it’ and much disgruntled at the fact he was now back of the pack.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Strolls

  1. Hi Dan … Seems like you had ‘fun & games’ out on your hack in the woods …. Aladdin certainly keeps you on your toes eh haha!! Just whisper in his ear won’t you …. to take good care of my granddaughter when out on the roads!! Most car drivers are really good at slowing right down passing horses …. but some are not so savvy eh …. or just plain ignorant! Take care anyway love, the both of you. You seem like you’re really enjoying spending lots of time together anyway, which is lovely! Brrhh sooo cold today and had quite a lot of snow … expect it’s the same where you are …. probably more so in the countryside. Take care when driving into work eh, especially going to Goxhill!! Oooh dear I’m sounding like a real ‘Worry-Guts’ Granny aren’t I …. !! It’s just coz I love you though!! Bye for now, hope to see you soon. Love you xxxx grandma


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