Our New Reins!!

So the first thing you would notice if you were to look in either myself of Aladdin’s wardrobe is that I am ever so slightly turquoise obsessed!
Sir Aladdin even has a turquoise lined bridle, we just love the colour perhaps too much…

Well a couple of weeks ago we entered a competition to win a customised lead rope and rope reins from Beads, Braids & Knots. To my surprise we actually won and could not wait to have our own unique set.
When Stefanie messaged to see what colour and style we would like I am sure you can guess what colour we primarily wanted. I let Stefanie choose the other colours as after all she’s the expert and the other products on her page looked absolutely stunning!

Over the next couple of days I answered and chose certain other details of our lead rope and reins for example; the length, braid type & charms.

I was overly excited waiting for them to arrive and they were so worth the (short) wait! The quality and feel of them are fantastic and of course they are beautiful and unique to look at.
My first time riding with the reins was at the UKBHA day as I thought they would fit in with the western theme. They were subtle just like my rubber and leather reins and still great to grip. We have since also had a jump lesson in them and to be honest you cannot tell the difference at all, I do not ride in gloves ever and they felt great to handle.

Beads, Braids & Knots also make various other items but the next two things on my wish list are a head collar to go with his lead rope and a collar for my equally spoilt pooch.

4 thoughts on “Our New Reins!!

  1. Well done Dan on winning your new ‘turquoise’ lead rope & rope reins …. aren’t you the clever one!! Nice pics of you & Aladdin too ….. I have lots now of you both!! Hope to see you soon. Love you xxxx


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