Another JJ Jump Lesson

So I am writing this one ever so slightly late, I actually have another one tonight. Better late than never right?

Last week was our first ever shared lesson which meant we got an entire hour! We were sharing it with the lovely Rachel and her cheeky ginger ninja as it seemed to make perfect sense with us both currently jumping the same height.

Since barrel racing Aladdin has turned into a complete speed demon with slight lack of brakes and this really showed as we ploughed over the first set of canter poles. My Aunt was rather shocked at how much Aladdins canter has opened up since our last lesson and actually had to move the poles further apart!
This warm up continued until the last pole was a cross pole and eventually a straight which didn’t seem to cause too many issues. Until the first pole was made a straight and I didn’t put my flipping shoulders back quick enough and he refused at the second jump.
When we eventually made it over after a couple more arguments and a tap on the bum, Aladdin landed with his head down, grunted at me and stuck a cheeky buck in.
After this we proceeded to do two and three jumps at a time as to slowly make up the course. Luckily we had no more refusals, in fact we had quite an adverse moment where he tripped over the first part of the double and I lost my stirrups and seat so presumed the second fence was a no go, however Aladdin had locked on and we were over and flying round the corner stirupless. Somehow whilst mid bomb off I managed to slip my toes back in and continue to the next fence, Phew!

Every time we moved on to the next part of the course the jumps seemed a fraction bigger and had fillers not directly under them but they may have well been according to Aladdin who was trying his best to avoid the cob eating colourful bits of wood and was going for the ‘if in doubt, take a stride out’ method.

I just cannot believe how much Aladdin has changed since the last lesson; last time we were overly pushing for a canter towards jumps and it seemed to lack that bit of spark. This time we had a super speedy but flat canter so I was having to bring him back onto his bum to create a bouncy jumping canter.

By the end of the lesson both Rachel and myself managed to do the full course two times with no major mishaps and were quite happy to stop and try catch our breath.


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