Cantering Laps

One of our 2018 goals was to be able to canter the small indoor on both reins for a full lap. The small indoor is the trickiest out of all the schools for us as even on the long side you’re ‘preparing’ for a corner at all times. For most horses I am sure this isn’t too much of an issue but when you’re only just finding your legs and balance it’s quite a task.

Well last night Aladdin smashed this goal, in fact he completely obliterated it as he did two laps on each rein without trantering or napping for the gate! The second time on the right rein we near enough got two laps however Sir Aladdin was getting cocky and trying to cut the corners.

Whoever schooled before us left some very handy poles out so we bounced in a figure of eight through these in trot to work on our bending and also used them as trot poles on the long side. The best part of this schooling session is that I was without my baby spurs and equipped with our schooling crop. Last Friday was his first time getting ridden with a whip since he dropped me to the ground the time before and he has taken to it fantastically!

Aladdins canter is noticeably coming on and we shall keep working for a good strong forward canter before getting into the nitty gritty technical side of things.

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