Aladdin’s Weekend

Just a short sweet brief of the weekend;

Friday night was HLMDRC dressage so we thought we would school in the small indoor whilst it was quiet. Aladdin was being nice and quiet so I pinched Bobbis schooling crop to try with Aladdin. Every other time I have brought out a tickle stick he has near enough dropped to the ground and got his three legs in a knot so we have not tried it since being at the new yard. I started rubbing it over his bum and asked him to trot on whilst I quite literally tickled him with it. He did not seem to mind at all even when I used it correctly along with my leg- good brave baby!

Saturday Sharon came to check our saddles and used Aladdin as the demonstration donkey whilst she did her talk. He was not very game for standing still or square and spent the whole talk trying to eat my face and undo my zips.

He also had his routine baby oil and mane pamper..


Sunday was one heck of a frosty start so I thought I best stay in the field with him for snuggles…

He was so sweet and was more bothered about hogging my attention and posing for the camera rather than wondering off to see his friends.

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