Winter League Time Again

So I am almost a week late in writing about our shenanigans  due to this stupid bug that seems to be taking everybody out!
But I didn’t feel I could miss out on writing about last Friday’s Winter League as Aladdin did so well. I shall keep it short and sweet as my brain has forgotten most of the funnies in between anyway.

We had decided we would do the 45 beforehand hand like we used to for two reasons; 1) We can never get warmed up efficiently around the flying ponies and small people so the 45 was a great little warm up 2) Aladdin generally seems more confident approaching a jump he has already done in trot at a smaller height.

It was pretty darn freezing and everybody was well wrapped up- the weather didn’t bother me toooo much as I had my new riding hat and jacket on so was rather enjoying admiring them.

In the 45 Aladdin had a fabulous large trot and popped effortlessly over all the jumps and even did a fair amount of cantering without too much persuasion. We got a 2nd and went into the 55 feeling a lot more relaxed than usual.
His ears were pricked and he felt ready to go. As soon as Aladdin realised his boring arse mother was dragging him around he same course again at not much of a height he cantered the majority of it with just one wiggle before fence nine (this fence has horse eating wavy fillers that attacked him previously in the week). He gave me a very smooth clear round that I was chuffed with. Typically however Aladdin did decide he needed a poo right after we went through the timers which added a few seconds on but I can’t really moan about the poor boy not being able to multi task in the way of going forward and thinking about his bowels just yet.

Only one other horse went clear and amazingly this horse didn’t stop for a toilet break meaning we came second again, what a good boy!

Typically my phone froze before the 55 so the few photos I have are from the 45.

My fabulous friend Laura came along to the show with her mare Honey too and did a fantastic job!


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