No Stirrups… No Hands

So tonight was one of them flat schooling nights where I really should have put some poles out but didn’t. Aladdin really wasn’t thinking about anything other than chasing and racing Ollie round and myself and Bobbi were chatting away.

We did trot to walk transitions for about ten minutes but every time we cantered it became a no brakes race to get to Ollie. I decided I would work on my super bouncy sitting trot and concentrate on my lower leg, Aladdin didn’t seem too bothered and bobbed nicely round the school. Then I remembered one of my goals (2018 Goals post to be updated) was to work on our stirrupless trot. What a nice surprise to realise we had ‘found our rhythm’ a great deal since last time we attempted this during no stirrup November. Last time I bounced around and did not feel stable in my seat but this time it felt great, I was enjoying it waaay too much! In my head we were going around like Charlotte and Valegro, heck knows what we actually looked like but who cares when we felt great.
Bobbi joined in with Ollie laughing her way round as Ollies bouncy bum made it harder for her to sit, he made Aladdins trot look like that of a western pleasure horse. Bobbi went into canter to save the bouncing but there was no way I was risking a no stirrup canter today as it was our first ride back in the hanging cheek snaffle.
So that I didn’t look like a drop out I thought I would also go no-handed. By this point both of us had lost full schooling concentration and were in full swing laughing at each other. Ollie wouldn’t come down from canter and was obviously loving no stirrup life and I rocked in my seat doing the heads shoulders knees and toes actions.
I think its important to have rides like this every now and then to stop everything becoming too much of a routine and serious.

See our Facebook- @A Cob That Can for the videos

Update: My legs and bum are actually killing today- obviously the no stirrup work took its toll on my twig legs!


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