Show Cross

As bit of a last I had decided to add competing in a Show Cross to my 2018 goals due to the fact my livery yard were organising one for the Sunday. From the time I decided I would take part on the Saturday morning until the actual time came round I had nervous sweats and a fuzzy head!
On Saturday afternoon I walked the outdoor cross country fences, my eyes were blurry and I just could not take them in.. SOLID FENCES!! What the heck! After realising Aladdins back end was becoming lazy over show jumps the other weekend I began thinking ‘What if’. What if his lazy back legs hit the jump and we go arse over tit? What if he just damn right refuses and I end up beached on one of the solid jumps? His lazy legs the other weekend were no doubt due to the fact he knew the baby jumps would just roll as he dragged himself over them as his canter at the time was near enough spot on. I mean he would soon realise these jumps would not roll if he dragged himself over, but would we be the ones rolling instead?!
Along with the jumps being solid they were also slightly bigger than what we are used to, the skinny fence really stuck out to me also giving me skinnyophobia.

Last time we schooled in the big outdoor where the fences are he took me for a sticky bum jodphur test drive as he quite clearly thought the dressage markers were out to get him. Unfortunately we have not schooled in there since due to lack of the daylight and the grounds being frozen.

Ryan and I spent Saturday evening with his family. We all had a nice relax and I nursed a glass of wine whilst playing over different scenarios in my head, most of which included my flying over the jumps horseless.

Sunday morning sharp came round after a night of rolling around but with more positive jumping thoughts, this time also including Aladdin jumping the fences with me, phew! I rummaged through my clothes to find a suitable cross country shirt. And then the nerves really hit.. the show ‘trots’ began! I had got that worked up I was quite literally papping my pants!
I arrived just a couple of minutes later than usual but Sir Aladdin seemed fairly disgusted and demanded carrots.
Whilst I mucked out and then began to groom him I actually lost some of my nerves and suddenly felt okay(ish) about the whole thing and felt more excited, I love doing things that are ‘firsts’ for both me and Aladdin.

Katy had messaged me to let me know she was on route to help me and walk the course with me once more. Then just as I was about to tack up I received a Facebook notification saying the show was cancelled due to ground frost. Nooooo all that working up of nerves and the trots for nothing!
The showjumps that had been set up inside for that part of the course so Trudy had advertised that the arena could be hired out and she would run a clear round morning so Katy suggested we should do this and she would come in with me.

After getting myself so worked up the thought of going round a 55 course felt like absolutely nothing. Sir Aladdin warmed up and felt super ready and giddy. We went round the first time clear mainly in trot and did an accidental jump off turn due to me forgetting the course, he didn’t even hesitate at the double!
On the second attempt he was super ready and forward, I think he had learnt the course in his head as he felt super confident in canter round the corners (I felt like I needed knee sliders on at some points). What a good baby! So a morning of panic turned into a productive morning full of positive thoughts and work!


4 thoughts on “Show Cross

  1. Ah yes, that’s the thing about nerves, they can make you a wreck, they ruin your morning and then you ride like a superstar!!
    Sounds like a great day
    mel x


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