2018 Goals- To Be Updated Weekly

New Year New Me Goals!!

To start with this may seem like a boring featured post but I am hoping to keep going through my check list of goals to add progress and photos throughout the year. Last year we conquered so many new things together so I cannot wait to see what we have achieved in another years time. I am going to have ‘bigger’ goals listed as well as light hearted silly ones which should hopefully be more achievable along the way. When and if we start achieving these goals I shall add new ones and date them as we go..

~Complete a course of 50/55 maintaining canter at competition
This is the height we compete at now but with trotting inbetween

~Jump a single (straight) 70 fence
In our personal ‘puissance’ we did a cross which was 65 in the middle
We also attempted a full course of 60 at competition last year
We did 90 eeeek!! https://danielleb95.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/from-55-to-90-overnight/

~No handed canter
Quite regularly we go one handed to send my Mum and OH stupid videos

~Canter the small indoor for a full lap on both reins without napping or cutting corners
We can do this in the big indoor but every time we attempt it in the small indoor we get one good lap then generally a gate nap or leg muddled buck as he’s trying to find his balance. Still good progress considering when we first arrived at Hill House he would only canter in the HUGE outdoor on the straight.
https://danielleb95.wordpress.com/2018/01/23/cantering-laps/   nailed it!!

~No stirrup trot poles
We actually did a good amount of polework the other day with no stirrups in trot and didn’t think anything of it! Aladdins trot is actually rather nice to sit stirrupless to. 

~A no stirrup canter

~Hack on the roads
We have half mastered the woods at our new yard but the roads may be another story after how he was when we last tried.
Its official, he is now actually safer on the roads than in the woods haha!!

~Complete an Intro Dressage test at competition
09/02/18- We have booked ourselves in for Intro B next Friday at 6:12
Really enjoyed ourselves!! Cannot wait for the next

~Attend a UKBHA day and take part
22/01/18- We have one booked for this Sunday yikes!!!
THE best thing we have done together to date! It sent our confidence soaring.

~Bareback ride in the school

~New goal 6th January- Complete a showcross course

So this is a very last minute thought goal as I thought it was too unrealistic for 2018 however my yard is doing an arena eventing day and there is clear round showcross before it all gets going so I’m going to sleep in my brave pants and attempt it tomorrow- my heart is already flickering and I have the nervous sweats, yikes!

The event was cancelled, noooo! (Even if at the time I was thinking phewwww)

WAHOOOO- https://danielleb95.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/arena-eventing-we-did-it-sort-of/

We are flying through these goals and having the best start to a year, he is becoming such a brave chap!


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